Fire Defender


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Direct Fire Fighting

In case of firefighting, one should also think of spraying afterwards, flue gas cooling, and places where fire fighters themselves no longer can come due to security reasons.

Disinfection street

Vehicles going away from an infected area should be disinfected. This can be vehicles covered by condensed chemical fumes, ash particles or asbestos. Another possibility is in case of disinfection of livestock transports during an outbreak of an epidemic.

Precipitation Toxic Gases

Why use the Fire Defender at incidents involving hazardous materials? Because of custom-developed nozzles, it creates a perfect water drop size making it able to protect trucks, tanks, silos and other storage places very effectively both offensively as defensively.

Cooling of pressure tanks

Upon cooling of pressure receptacles must think of tankers, rail cars and many other pressure receptacles be blasted or another process will be warm.
met Fire defender can be cooled in a controlled manner.

Protection of buildings

Protecting adjacent buildings is another area of expertise of the Fire Defender, because of its enormous cooling capacity and the possibility to create and maintain a spray of water at a housefront. Because the Fire Defender doesn’t use any more water than strictly necessary, it also makes sure no unnecessary water damage is suffered.

Wildfire suppression

The Fire Defender is very suitable for fighting wildfires because of the low water usage and the possibility to protect long distances continuously.

preventive position

As a preventive position in crates or pallet storage it is very suitable. And to work outside terrain, as compartmentalization . so there can be a quickly extinguishing take place in the core of the fire

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